Sunday, August 17, 2008

1st brand under Progressive!


We, from Progressive Marketing would like to introduce the all new NOVA RAIN series strut bar.

Wanted to improve car's stability & handling but curious about the aftermarket part reliability ? Here, we are introducing the NovaRain series of strut bar for enhancing your car handling, leading you toward a better driving experience.
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The car's handling and stability issue usually caused by the chassis's weight transfer during cornering . Car's chassic can be flexing and deformity when you are performing fast cornering, hard braking, heavy acceleration( if engine power is simply overwhelming for what your stock car chassis can handle )and somewhat aggressive clutch - kicking...when more and more force apply on ONLY one side which can be easily more than 2 times than normal driving condition( tyre already exceed maximum grip force ) which will causing oversteer and understeer problem.

To deal with this problem, reinforce the structural integrity of the vehicle chassis is important. This reinforcement will prevent chassis flexing under severe stress from hard cornering. By reducing chassis flexing, we are able to divert the cornering force to the springs and shocks, not the chassis. Now the springs and shocks can do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Upgrading racing springs, shocks, and high performance tires will put a lot extra strain/stress to chassis, it can be causing the chassis flexing problem too. A high tensile strength of strut bar will be need in this case, reinforced side walls for increased rigidity which extremely flex resistant.

Pictures will say a thousand words. Check it out.

The looks of NOVARAIN's mounting!

4mm thickness surrounding to provide stability!

There Will be 2 different material available for choose ; Alloy and Steel
Alloy : Decent Strength, Light Weight, Can be flexing a bit under heavy stress ( prevent chassis damage )
Steel : Great strength, cheap

Purpose: If you wish to have maximum reliability and driving handling, Alloy is the way to go.
If you wish to have better handling ( and you are not driving extremely and hard core cornering, steel is
a great option for you to consider.

Dealing method: C. O. D. around kl & pj area or by postage
Courier charge will be bear by buyer
Location of seller: Kepong, KL
Contact method: 016 - 337 9739 ( Kenny ) , 012 - 314 9981 ( Daren ) /